E.A. MASK 日本健康勳章

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Detailed introduction:

EA mask Japan's latest research and development, the flu virus nemesis "chlorine dioxide (CLO2)" into a solid patented technology, launched "Health Medal EA MASK", EA MASK contains CLO2 can repel bacteria, acidify targeted viruses and bacterial proteins. Carry EA MASK with you, within half an hour, the chlorine dioxide in the medal will be spread and attached to the whole body clothes as a body protection net, which can eliminate bacteria and mold viruses within one meter, and also effectively deodorize, deodorize smoke, remove body odor and sweat Stinky and anti-pollen allergy, help relieve the symptoms of nasal allergy, sterilization, and deodorization without difficulty!

EA MASK is suitable and safe for newborn babies, children, pregnant women, and the elderly 

Because its CLO2 concentration is only 1/5 of the World Health Organization safety standard, (0.017PPM)

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