Cashback is is a Hong Kong based next generation eCommerce platform. Cashback offers an innovative up to 80% cashback program for customers making purchases in its online & offline stores. The brand prides itself for high-quality unique products and the ability for its affiliate customers to earn profit through its proprietary “Cashback Affiliate Program.” 

Every customer from around the world can join Cashback Business Program online or offline. For online Cashback member registration, Please follow the three steps given below:

1.       Click on the Register button on the top-right menu of the www.cashback.io website and enter the Sponsor’s username and continue.

2.       Enter the new Member’s personal details (desired email, username, password, and email only) correctly and click on the Next button.

3.       Check the filled-in information carefully and click on the Confirm button to register for the Cashback Business Program. In case, the filled-in information is not correct, click on the Back menu to go back and edit the wrong information and only then continue the process.

No, there is no membership fee. It’s absolutely free to join the Cashback.

Yes, sponsor ID (sponsor’s Username) is compulsory to enroll a new member because Cashback is a recommendation business model.

To join Cashback, one must be 18 years or older or according to the applicable law and regulation of the country where he/she uses our services.

Recommending Cashback to a new member is free of charge. You just send your referral link to your friends and family which you find in your back office via email or social media to register them online. Once a new member clicks on this link a digital registration form opens. Then one needs to fill in the details and in a second step confirms the registration.

One can also provide your Username in the field of “Sponsor’s Username” in the registration form on www.cashback.io and continue.

Payments of Cashback Member Benefits will be paid to personal bank accounts only. If your bank information is not filled out properly or incomplete, we will be unable to transfer your benefits to your personal bank account. To fill out all details, please complete your information at “Payment Information”.

Cashback members’ personal data will be safe and secure and will only be used exclusively within Cashback and its holdings companies. Cashback will not share or give your personal data to any other third party agencies.

Cashback registered members are required to login to their personal online account in order to use their Shopping Wallet and shop online. If a new customer makes a purchase through Cashback, his/her purchase can be paid through credit card or cashback wallet. After successful purchase of products, customers are able to get daily cashback.

Customers may pay for the products of Cashback online shop by any of the following payment methods:

  1. By using their PayPal Account,
  2. By providing a valid Credit Card via PayPal,
  3. By Cash or Cheque payment (available in Hong Kong only),
  4. By using Shopping Wallet (for Cashback members only).

Cashback Online Shop provides daily necessity items, sumptuous and invaluable luxury products to fulfill our customers.

You can get your order via selected courier services which can be found in our product pages.

No, you cannot cancel or change your order once it is placed.

If the delivered product is damaged, Cashback will replace that product with a new one.

Generally no, but we offer price adjustment if the purchases are made in bulk quantity. For more detail, you may check in our product pages.

Yes, we have a trusted and established international shipping service that you can find in our product pages.

Delivery time of an order depends on the product categories and the location (domestic or international) of a customer where the product are delivered to. Normally, its 1-3 days for local market and 7-30 days for international markets. You can see the approximate delivery time of each product on the product pages.

Process to withdraw Cash Wallet:

  • Login to your Cashback account and go to “eWallet”, then click on “Withdraw Amount” tab.
  • Enter the amount (withdraw amount should not exceed the available balance) and your transaction key then click on the first button to transfer to your bank account or on the second button to your PayPal account.
  • Check the information sincerely and click on “Withdraw” button.

Normally it takes 7 working days in Hong Kong and 7-14 working days for international withdrawal requests to your bank account from the date of withdraw of cash wallet. International transactions (remittances), some middle parties (banks or agencies) may take a bit more time to approve the payments and Cashback will not be liable to any delay on payment of such withdrawal requests prompted by any other third party agencies.

Withdrawal interval is 30 days, so you may withdraw once a month

No, Members are not free to transfer their cash wallet to the Cashback account of any other member.

Yes, Cashback charges 2% fix of total withdraw amount for each withdrawal, as a finance charge to all members.

There is 70/30 rule for withdrawal, it means 70% goes to cash and 30% goes to mandatory shopping from withdrawal amount.

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