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Cashback is a Hong Kong based next generation eCommerce platform. Cashback offers an innovative up to 80% cashback program for customers making purchases in its online & offline stores. The brand prides itself for high-quality unique products and the ability for its affiliate customers to earn profit through its proprietary "Cashback Affiliate Program."


Cashback is a “by invitation only” platform and its free to join. Anybody from anywhere can be a Cashback family by simply completing registration process. These is No Membership Fee, No Auto ship or Monthly Maintenance and No High Price Products. All the products price is similar like other stores you buy daily. You will get tons of cashback amount by switching your daily shopping from traditional stores to our cashback platform. Imagine how much you do shopping in your lifetime and how much you get cashback from that!


Be Your Own Boss: As an Independent Business Partner, you are an independent contractor and can set your own schedule and choose how and when to work. You are responsible to pay your own business expenses, including taxes, observe applicable laws, and abide by Cashback’s policies and procedures.

Start a Business with No Investment: There are no required purchases to become a Cashback Independent Business Partner. You buy only the products you need for yourself and your family. There is no need to buy inventory, because Cashback fulfills the orders made by the Customers and Business Partners in your organization.

Opportunities for Growth: Cashback offers a variety of sales materials, online tools, and training opportunities, as well as bundled product packages at maximum cashback amount

You can Earn Commissions: You can earn commissions and bonuses under the Cashback Compensation Plan for actual purchases made by Customers you refer, or other Business Partners sponsored in your sales organization. You cannot earn money solely by recruiting or sponsoring someone.

         Most of our Active Business Partners work part-time and refer or sponsor people they know as a way to make a little extra money.

         Some work very hard, even full-time, to build their business, with much greater earning potential.

Success Isn’t Guaranteed: Cashback offers great products, but building a successful Cashback business requires hard work, skill, and time. Cashback can’t guarantee that you will earn money, and some Cashback Business Partners will succeed, and some won’t.


You can cancel as an Independent Business Partner at any time. Please contact +852-xxxxxxxxxx or email [email protected] for more information.

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